01 September, 2016

The New Cheating Economy - The Chronicle of Higher Education

The New Cheating Economy - The Chronicle of Higher Education:

The professors caught several students plagiarizing material. But they didn’t spot the paid test takers, purchased papers, or coordinated assignments. And they had no clue that a person in New York to whom Mr. Baley had mailed his books was behind the A’s they were giving.
Even when professors knew that students were cheating, and were trying to catch them, they came up short.

Contract Cheating’s African Labor

Kenyan academic writers, who number more than 20,000, perform work for students in the United States, Britain, and elsewhere. “In every apartment building in Nairobi,” says one, “you could find two, three writers.”
Mr. Baley’s only frustration was with the barrage of marketing he got. His Facebook and Instagram feeds were saturated with ads for cheating companies, he says. That didn’t let up for months.
Two years after the company took his class, its representatives are still trying to enlist him to refer other students as clients.

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