29 September, 2016

president_of_burundi comments on I sold Trump $100,000 worth of pianos. Then he stiffed me.

president_of_burundi comments on I sold Trump $100,000 worth of pianos. Then he stiffed me.:

In 1982 IN THE MIDDLE OF JANUARY he sent tenants, many of whom were older to elderly, immediate eviction notices- out in one week or their stuff was getting thrown out into the street. These were tenants in good standing who hadn't broken their leases. One woman was charged that the building wasn't her primary residence so she was being tossed out even though the only other residence she had ever had had burned down years before. She refused to leave so her water and gas was shut off. He then filed fake non-payment charges against another, which were thrown out when they were able produce documentation of Trump's management company canceling his rent checks.
So after that failed he filled the halls with garbage that attracted rats and roaches, which he then refused to have exterminated and told tenants they and their guests had to use the trash elevators to get into the building, including patients in a dentists office. He told the super to make absolutely no repairs. By the end it got so bad that tenants were able to provide pictures to the court of mushrooms growing out of the carpet in hallways.
He then told the city and tenants that he was going to house de-institutionalized homeless in all the empty units in the building, which the city refused, on grounds of danger to tenants and his intention to tear the building down. He tried to do it anyway- in typical Trump fashion he said it was because he cared so much about the plight of the homeless.

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