11 September, 2016

An Anniversary of Shame - POLITICO Magazine

An Anniversary of Shame - POLITICO Magazine: "Obama has in fact stretched the laws of war—never that clear to begin with—past their intended breaking point in the effort to continue his secret global war without new authorization. There may be no better example than the concept of “elongated imminence”—a new, quasi-Orwellian term for a tactic the Obama administration is using to justify more strikes under Article II of the Constitution, under which the president has the power to respond on his own to “imminent” threats. Under this new interpretation, according to an account in Daniel Klaidman’s 2012 book, Kill Or Capture, terrorists no longer have to be on the verge of pulling the trigger or boarding a plane, or an attack about to happen. They just have to be at the first stages of planning it for the president to order them killed. “It would be enough if they were designing the suicide vests,” Klaidman wrote.


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