11 September, 2016

passionformywork comments on Pokemon Go

passionformywork comments on Pokemon Go: "My passion is the memorials. These memorials are the last remaining visual tributes to their family and where they rest. So when I hear about a Pokemon Go players saying that Montlawn needs to "lighten up", "let people play", and "call the cops, then", I think about those families that are affected because of the players that enter our park. I cannot "lighten up" and let people play. If you come into this park and ask for Passionformywork, you will see that I'm not just a stuffed shirt, telling kids to get off my lawn. I am a person of passion for the work I do and people I serve with my job. I have no feud with people who come to walk our memorial park on their lunch for exercise or with people who walk the park to play while maintaining distance away from funeral services, being courteous. The people who come and disturb these grounds and cause damages, my fight is with you. Knowing how cowardly it is to cause damages and try to run away, I have a feeling that you won't show your face by visiting me here. We were instructed by the police to put up No Trespassing signs - this gives us the right call the local law enforcement and have citations issued. We will be doing this. People come out here to play for an hour or two and think nothing of it. I work here 40 hours a week. So if you think you are doing no harm just by driving and playing and feel that we need to "lighten up", sit here in the office for just one day and you will feel and see the pain these families are feeling."

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