18 September, 2016

[Essay] | The Hamilton Cult, Robert Sullivan | Harper's Magazine - Part 6

[Essay] | The Hamilton Cult, Robert Sullivan | Harper's Magazine - Part 6: "The American Revolution, the armed military conflict with England, is long over. But in our contemporary environment of extreme economic inequality, the unsung Stamp Act protesters or Tea Party rowdies sound less singular, less distant; they are like actors, not in a play but in a pageant whose outcome was and is beyond their imagining, constantly rewriting itself. And yet their concerns are ours, down to the last indignant detail. “Is it equitable that 99, rather 999, should suffer for the Extravagance or Grandeur of one,” lamented a New York newspaper in 1765, “especially when it is considered that men frequently owe their Wealth to the impoverishment of their Neighbors?” Neither Hamilton nor Hamilton will answer that question to our satisfaction. If this current election tells us anything, it is that the Whiskey Rebellion never truly ended, and while the soundtrack is always changing, the curtain may never come down.


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