01 October, 2016

Propaganda on reddit

Propganda on reddit:

So I've noticed some interesting trends with some of the sites that've been popping up here recently:
  • Less than 1 year old, oftentimes less than 6 months, in some cases only 2-3
  • All focusing exclusively on praising Trump and attacking Clinton
  • All appear in the_donald either on the first submission or within a handful of the first few submissions
  • Many first submitted by users that're either obvious shills or who have account registration dates that tie in pretty closely with the registrations of the sites they're posting
  • Many of them share the same cookie-cutter page layouts
  • When registrant data is available, many of them share the same geographical locations or owners, and sites that profess a particular forus in US affairs are often halfway around the world in the likes of Macedonia

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