10 October, 2016

Why Donald Trump Can’t Back Down - POLITICO Magazine

Why Donald Trump Can’t Back Down - POLITICO Magazine:

I’ve been reporting on Trump for more than a year, reading close to everything that’s ever been written about him, or by him (or his co-writers and ghostwriters), and sifting through transcripts of his hundreds of television interviews, as well as talking to people like Nusbaum, Res, O’Brien and dozens and dozens of others. And I’ve come to see the GOP nominee more than anything else as an entitled rich kid who grew old more than he grew up, who had a submissive mother and a stern, workaholic father whose idea of showing him affection was taking him to the office or a job site. And I think Trump has tried his whole life to address the lack of love he felt as a boy by attracting as much attention as he could as a man. “I don’t do it for the money,” he wrote in 1987 in The Art of the Deal—it’s the first sentence of his first book—and I believe him. He does it for the notoriety.

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