31 October, 2016

U-2 Incident . Eisenhower . WGBH American Experience | PBS

U-2 Incident . Eisenhower . WGBH American Experience | PBS:

These activities have their own rules and methods of concealment, which seek to mislead and obscure - just as in the Soviet allegations there are many discrepancies. For example, there is some reason to believe that the plane in question was not shot down at high altitude. The normal agencies of our Government are unaware of these specific activities or of the special efforts to conceal them.
Third point: How should we view all of this activity?
It is a distasteful but vital necessity.
We prefer and work for a different kind of world -- and a different way of obtaining the information essential to confidence and effective deterrence. Open societies, in the day of present weapons, are the only answer.

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