02 October, 2016

Biden on Obama: ‘It’s Like Older Brother, Younger Brother’

Biden on Obama: ‘It’s Like Older Brother, Younger Brother’:

I miss Eric Cantor.

Yeah, I was talking to one of his guys the other day, and his guy said you had reached out to him that day.

He is a truly decent guy. He is smart as hell. I kid him, I say that he’s just too damned conservative. It’s just like I’m good friends with Paul Ryan. I called him — I can say it now — to encourage him to take the job, but I kid him, I say his biggest problem is that he read too much Ayn Rand. They’re good, decent people, trying to get something done, but they’re dealing with some real … You know what it reminds me of? I got elected in ’72, became friends with George McGovern. The McGovern wing of the party controlled the party, controlled the apparatus, and we had a lot of folks that I really liked that were absolute purists. It was like, give no quarter. What’s happened to the Republicans, they’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, even a little more … I don’t want to use an adjective … anyway, a little more certain of their uncertain views. You have to remember, in the 2012 race they asked me, if I could have any one wish, what would it be? And I said, to have a Republican Party. It was considered a gaffe — it was no gaffe. I genuinely meant it. Think about it. Nobody can speak for the Republican Party. Nobody. So with whom do you negotiate?

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