07 October, 2016

Donald Trump: America's Slimy Director | Huffington Post

Donald Trump: America's Slimy Director | Huffington Post: "Certainly some women allow men to manhandle them because they are awed by fame or because they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it in their career. But more often than not, young women in entertainment tolerate the intolerable because it’s so hard to get a job and so easy to be blacklisted.  We know the power is weighted entirely against us.  Just look at how the young soap actress in the leaked Access Hollywood tape feels she has to flirt with Trump and Billy Bush to assuage their egos.

It is such a rampant problem in entertainment that it’s considered kind of normal, not even worth mentioning. The industry’s attitude toward women is a major reason why I have moved to the other side of the camera. 

The entertainment industry will have to look at itself and change or get left behind in the dark ages.  But that’s a longterm wish. "

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