10 August, 2016

Trumponomics Is Reform Conservatism’s Evil Twin - The New York Times

Trumponomics Is Reform Conservatism’s Evil Twin - The New York Times:

Now, I identify with reform conservatism, so the word “evil” might be a touch biased. But let me explain. Basically, reform conservatives tend to think that the Republican Party’s longstanding commitments to free markets, free trade and entitlement reform are all well worth preserving. But while pursuing this broadly Paul Ryan-ish agenda, we think the party needs to offer more direct support to working Americans who have struggled with stagnant wages and rising health care and education costs. And the obvious way to pay for this support, ultimately, is to be less monomaniacal about sweeping tax cuts for the rich.
Trumpism takes roughly the opposite approach. Despite his rhetorical flirtations with making the rich pay more, the supply-side monomania has been the aspect of conventional G.O.P. economics that Trump has consistently embraced. Tellingly, he has even embraced the longstanding supply-side dogma against tax credits, which is why the pro-family policy he unveiled this week only offers a tax deduction for child care — one that disproportionately benefits working mothers in what we might call the Ivanka bracket.

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