20 August, 2016

nymphosymphony comments on Flexible Furniture

nymphosymphony comments on Flexible Furniture: "But if you know a little bit about the history behind it and a little bit about Piet Mondrian's artistic progression, you'd be able to see that Mondrian developed an algorithmic system for boiling things down into their most basic visual elements. For example, this shitty 8-bit Mario pic has juuuuuuust enough pixels for you to figure out that that's a picture of Mario jumping. Mondrian wanted to see how far you could pixellate reality before you couldn't tell what it was anymore. Mondrian was asking, "Is there still Mario-ness left in that shitty pixelated madness if I push it even further into the realm of the abstract?" You're all spoiled because you've seen this shit all over the place bc Mondrian's influence has spread a lot. But it was something of a novel concept to ask these sort of questions in 1942.

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