29 August, 2016

Donald Trump Losing by a Landslide Would Heal the Nation | TIME

Donald Trump Losing by a Landslide Would Heal the Nation | TIME:

The short-term goal is clear: namely, to win the immediate election. But the Republicans fail to appreciate that their tactics have a devastating long-term effect on society. As the Republicans create gridlock and play political games to seize power for themselves, their tactics gradually but conclusively erode public confidence in the underlying system of government itself. The relentless political bashing destroys not only the opposing political party, but it backfires and also destroys the attacking political party as well. In fact, it destroys the entire system. So these blistering attacks for short-term gain are extremely irresponsible and downright dangerous.
All the gridlock and fear-mongering causes the public to grow ever more frustrated and begin to lose confidence in the institutions of government. People eventually come to the conclusion that the government no longer works for anyone. The fabric of society begins to pull apart. This forces the public to lash out in unexpected ways. It leads to devastating consequences, such as the rise of horrendous political candidates like Donald Trump.

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