13 December, 2015

U.S. Comprehensive Strategy Toward Russia

U.S. Comprehensive Strategy Toward Russia:

Within the overarching need for a U.S. comprehensive strategy, Russia poses four distinct, but related problems for U.S. policy:
  • First, Putin’s Russia is a regime that combines a lack of respect for political, civil, and economic rights with a dysfunctional economy.
  • Second and most dangerous for the United States, Russia poses a series of worldwide strategic and diplomatic challenges, including buildup of its nuclear arsenal and military.
  • Third, Russia poses threats to discrete U.S. friends, allies, and interests around the world.
  • Fourth, Russia’s cooperation with bad actors and its increasing tendency to play a spoiler role pose another set of threats.
This report addresses all four problems in turn after setting out the comprehensive strategy on which the U.S. should base its response.

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