13 December, 2015

The #Blessed Life Of Kaskade, EDM's Voice Of Reason

The #Blessed Life Of Kaskade, EDM's Voice Of Reason: "When it comes to his own career, he’s similarly frank. “Look, my music has to be at or near its peak in popularity,” Raddon says. “I still feel like I’m right there,” he crooks his right hand and raises it to eye level. “I haven’t hit it yet, and there’s still another 10, 15, 20% to go before things kind of level off. But whether that happens or not, I have no complaints. I was comfortable 15 years ago playing for $500 and a cheeseburger. I was completely satisfied at that point. It was ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve made it! I can pay my rent doing what I love!’ For me, it wasn’t about fame and fortune. I got into it because I loved it. As a kid growing up in Chicago I got into house music, and it happened to be at the right place at the right time. I never imagined that it would become a worldwide phenomenon.”

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