30 December, 2015

Let's Go Exploring | RedState

Let's Go Exploring | RedState: "We all grow up. Our views are allowed to change. We start with burning passion, but temper that passion with life over time. Compare St. Paul writing Galatians to St. Paul writing Ephesians. It is the same man with the same beliefs, but his tone is different, his emphasis is different, and the burning zeal of Galatians is tempered by a pastor who has pastored through more storms. We are all like that. We all have different emphases and passions and life experiences that will shape us, mature us, and grow us. We should not be held down by the past for fear that someone might point out we’ve changed. Life is supposed to change us. That does not mean it will change our core beliefs. It does mean it can change our priorities or how we view our beliefs.


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