07 December, 2015

I wish we could know what % of people who wear niqub are oppressed like this

(19) Noel Rosario's answer to What do uncovered Western women think of when they see us Muslim women who wear a niqab and are covered from head to toe? - Quora:

I didn't tell people that I chose to wear hijab because my husband was such a controlling misogynist, that he didn't want other men to "know my body" as he'd always say. He was very possessive.

The Quran does not tell women to wear hijab, let alone niqab. It simply states to cover your boobs and lower your eyes, whatever that means. I guess I could walk out naked save for a khimar and I'd be all good in the eyes of Allah...(sarcasm)

I think women in full niqab are likely every bit as oppressed as I was, whether they realize it or not.

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