02 January, 2016

Column: Moving semifinals to New Year's Eve a total flop

Column: Moving semifinals to New Year's Eve a total flop:

Of course, neither game was competitive, and that didn't help.
But there's no way to sugarcoat this debacle.
ESPN tried to make the best of the situation, pointing out that streaming views for the Orange and Cotton were up over last year's games. But that was like Custer trying to put a positive spin on Little Bighorn. In all likelihood, that increase could be attributed largely to those who might've been fully-engaged viewers if not for the ill-advised schedule.
What makes all of this more infuriating is that ESPN recognized the ratings Armageddon it was facing. At least a year ago, the network suggested holding the semifinal games on Jan. 2, which falls on a Saturday.
The College Football Playoff balked at that idea, not wanting to disrupt its plans to carve out a niche on New Year's Eve.
In retrospect, that decision is roughly akin to casting Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs.
We all got punked.

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