17 January, 2016

Black Thought on His Breakthrough Moment -- New York Magazine

Black Thought on His Breakthrough Moment -- New York Magazine: "We would perform songs that we created on the spot. That’s when I realized how good I was at freestyling. Questlove would sometimes point things out while he was doing the beat, and I would incorporate whatever he said or pointed to into the verse, right there on the spot. I kind of realized that could be thing. We would come out, just start playing music, and I had no idea what songs we were going to perform. I would just start rapping, and add on what was happening in real time. I guess it was sort of Zen. I would free my mind of just everything. I would clear it. Take out the stress and stretch it and make my mind a clean slate, if that makes any sense. And only deal with what I was seeing and what I was experiencing at that particular point in time, and make observations."

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