15 April, 2015

WhatWeOnlyFantasize comments on Length of Game vs. Actual Gameplay--FIXED [OC]

WhatWeOnlyFantasize comments on Length of Game vs. Actual Gameplay--FIXED [OC]: For example, if an American watches say 5 minutes of soccer and 5 minutes of football, in the 5 minutes of football he will see on average 21 seconds of live ball gameplay and lots of downtime and commercials (which European frequently cite as one of the reasons American football is boring to them), but critically to Americans that 21 seconds will result in quantifiable achievement, the team will gain or lose an X number of yards, and every player will be granted a plethora of statistics on exactly what he did in every second of gameplay. Football, like all American sports regiments and segments the game into a series of small statistical gains, which are tabulated and compared to previous standardized segments. Soccer is completely the opposite. In soccer, a 5 minute stretch may include the ball moving for several kilometers with players performing a many passes, feints, dribbles...etc yet none of that will be quantified to create a sense of linear progression that Americans are used to. While the rest of the world gets excited by plays like this that don't result in quantifiable achievement because of the skill and creativity, to your average American its "just kicking a ball around". Skillful midfield play like this are to your average American "nothing happening", since the play didn't stop and Ronaldo wasn't awarded with a number for what he did.