04 April, 2015

Sexism In Space | Motherboard

Sexism In Space | Motherboard:

After ten days of repeatedly requesting assistance from “mission
control” to provide more safety inside the simulation, the leaders of
the study finally agreed to install locks on the tubular crawl spaces
connecting the Russian Mir module and the International Mars module. By
this point, Lapierre and her international colleagues had already hidden
all the knives in the station.

"I expected to be in better
hands," she would later say. "But I'm doubting today what kinds of
psychological support [the Russians] are giving to cosmonauts, if they
are giving any, because I didn't get any from them."

At the end of
the mission, Valery Gushchin, the Russian scientific coordinator,
claimed that the brawl was a “friendly fight” and that Lapierre had
“ruined the mission, the atmosphere, by refusing to be kissed.” He also
admitted that perhaps Russian test subjects could benefit from a little
cultural sensitivity training.