05 April, 2015

None Dare Call It a Conspiracy

None Dare Call It a Conspiracy:

During my time in Russia this past September, I approached a number
of individuals - journalists, lawyers, human-rights investigators - who
had been involved in the search for answers. Many declined to speak with
me altogether. Others begrudgingly did so but largely confined their
statements to a recitation of the known inconsistencies in the case; if
pressed for an opinion, they allowed only that the matter remained
"controversial." even the old man in Kashirskoye park ultimately
underscored the air of unease that hovers over the topic. After readily
agreeing to a second meeting, at which he promised to introduce me to
other victims' families who doubted the government's account, he had a
change of heart.

can't do it," he said when he called me back a few days later. "I spoke
to my wife and my boss, and they both said that if I meet with you, I
will be finished."

I was curious what he meant by "finished," but the old sailor hung up before I could ask.