11 April, 2015

The Believer The Divine Inspiration of Jim Jones

The Believer The Divine Inspiration of Jim Jones: The success of the movement in organizing the black community in Harlem led some to speculate that Divine was an operative controlled by the Kremlin, or was at least accepting Soviet funding. After all, Divine had made public displays of support for the US Communist Party, and had marched with his angels in a May Day parade. Divine denied rumors that Moscow was behind the Peace Mission. He stated, on the contrary, that he had lent his financial support to the social work of New York communists. Though this doubtless did not endear him any further to authorities, he justified his collaboration with the communists by declaring solidarity with their cause: “I am representing God on earth among men and I will cooperate with any organization that will stand for the right and deal justly,” he said. “I find fault with the Communist methods, but not their aims. I teach Peace. There will be an end to all oppression and suppression and race prejudice and I will bring it about personally.” Unsurprisingly, Divine’s FBI file grew to over twelve hundred pages by the time of his death.