15 August, 2017

Trump and the Responsibility of Leadership | The Resurgent

Trump and the Responsibility of Leadership | The Resurgent:

White supremacy and Naziism are the twin heads of a single evil. Racism is an assault on the diversity of God’s creation. More specifically, it is an assault on God himself, whose image is imprinted on every man, woman, and child, *regardless* of their race.
This is why we must resist this evil while we can, because, unchecked, we know where it leads. We saw in played out in the events leading up to and surrounding both the Civil War and WWII.
This is also why it is particularly important for American pastors to speak directly and boldly to this issue *now*, while it is fresh in our thoughts. Pastors have the theology and the platform to make a very real difference—but *only* if they use it.
People need to be educated. More importantly, they need a solid, theological foundation for their resistance.

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