04 August, 2017

Documentary: Barcelona and the Trials of 21st Century Overtourism – Skift

Documentary: Barcelona and the Trials of 21st Century Overtourism – Skift:

As tourism continues to grow, Barcelona is also becoming a ripe example of how European destinations must now grapple with the effect of overtourism.
The industry, largely responsible for helping the economy stay afloat throughout the recession, is now to blame for changing the landscape of the city, whether it be too many tourists in Las Ramblas, environmental damage from a growing airport and cruise port, or Airbnb guests disrupting the everyday lives of families.
What follows is an investigation into the social, economic and geographic challenges and opportunities presented by unprecedented tourism growth which include an expanding but regulated hotel industry, thousands of illegal Airbnb listings, the sustainability of the city’s cultural institutions, erosion of public life, conflicting demands and technological changes for tour operators, and rampant pickpocketing.
We spoke to more than a dozen stakeholders in the tourism industry from government officials to the founders of boutique hotels and lifelong residents to weekend trippers to learn what their largest concerns are and how those are — or are not — getting addressed.

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