26 August, 2017

Learning to Let Go of Our Southern 'Heritage'

Learning to Let Go of Our Southern 'Heritage': "I think most Southerners know that, though. I don't think there are many Southerners left who support the flag or the statues for genuinely benign—if naive—reasons, because they've finally seen the truth, which is that it doesn't matter what these things may have once symbolized in their eyes, it matters what they mean to the rest of the country. And today, right now, all any of it stands for is hate. This shit isn't about history. Hell, most of these monuments were built in the 20th century and the stars and bars isn't even the actual flag of the Confederacy. Also ... swastikas? Really? Look I don't know who raised these assholes but I'd think their papaws wouldn't appreciate that Nazi shit.


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