11 February, 2017

To the milk crate stranger at 7-11: Thank you : TwoXChromosomes

To the milk crate stranger at 7-11: Thank you : TwoXChromosomes: ""Well, it seems like you really hit the jackpot. You have a job you love and bosses that treat you fairly and respectfully. And you have coworkers who you wouldn't mind seeing outside of work. That's quite an accomplishment right there." He pauses there. "I have a daughter who's just about to finish up her freshman year of high school this May. And she just started her first job about a week ago at this clothing store at the mall. And she tells me she couldn't be happier. She gets to work with a lot of her friends from school, has a nice boss, and the work is not so hard where it starts to interfere with her studying. And I was actually at the mall just yesterday, so I stopped in to see how she was doing. Of course, I didn't let her see me as I didn't want to be one of those dads who embarrasses their daughters in front of their friends. And for the brief few minutes that I saw her, as she organized this table of shirts and laughed with one of her coworkers, I knew that she was really happy. And I know that her boss really appreciates the work that she's doing there, as I'm sure yours does. And I'm sure that, if your bosses really love and appreciate and respect you, that they wouldn't want you pushing yourself so hard that you make yourself sick. They would want you to take care of yourself. Because with all the care and dedication you put into your job, sometimes you need to put a little bit care back into yourself."

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