22 February, 2017

On the Desecration of an American Jewish Cemetery – Medium

On the Desecration of an American Jewish Cemetery – Medium: "But this is not normal. This. Is. Not. Normal. Do not be complacent about your personal safety and the security of Jewish institutions. What we have built is priceless and deserves the peace that any other religious institution deserves. Try your best to be outraged every time someone threatens the lives of our little children. Allow yourself to feel sick for the parents and families who are terrorized. It’s cruel and evil. Please, don’t be like me. Don’t shrug and laugh like it’s a goof. It’s not a goof. You are entitled to be outraged. You are precious. Our babies our priceless. Our Torahs are beautiful. Our cemeteries are sacred. Anyone who tries to minimize your trauma or horror over these events or the anti-Semitism you laugh off every single day (and I know that you do) — ignore them, or if you have the strength educate them.

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