11 February, 2017

On the people behind the news

TheLagDemon comments on Rant: buying concert tickets online is an absolute joke!: "When she came back, our teacher told us about the Jeremy story from her perspective and told us about all the years of therapy she'd been through since and how she was still struggling with it. She apparently had been unable to work for months after witnessing the suicide. She told us the book incident had made her relieve the experience and that it had temporarily undone much of what her therapy had accomplished over the years. She didn't manage to maintain her composure during the story, which made it his us even harder to hear. I wasn't even one of the people laughing and I still felt ashamed for just witness to it and just terrible for my poor teacher. This whole incident made me keenly aware of the fact that there are real people behind the stories we read in the news, in a way I wasn't before. More than that, it was one of those experiences that caused me to immediately grow up in some way. In this case, it did a lot to cure me of the worst of my edgy teenager behavioural and made me less of an asshole overall.

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