07 January, 2017

When the Sky Falls – Rands in Repose

When the Sky Falls – Rands in Repose:

The romance surrounding disasters is history speaking. When the disaster shows up and you see it, no one but you knows that you want to throw up. That’s your brain releasing a complex chemical cocktail that is physically and emotionally preparing you for the most sensible course of action – making a fucking run for it.
But, strangely, you do not run.
Having watched, participated in, and created a bevy of sky-falling situations in my career, I take the process I use for managing these situations for granted. It feels like I’m working on pure and spontaneous instinct, but these are honed instincts that I’ve built and refined over a great many DEFCON 1 disasters that I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of attending.
This is my documentation of the process, and I sincerely hope you never have to deploy it, but I’m pretty sure you will.

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