10 January, 2017

Open Letter of Apology : loseit

Open Letter of Apology : loseit:

I'm 289 pounds.
And now, in this same subreddit where my old account, that was so toxic that I've since taken it down, was banned from, I'm coming for help.
Call it karma, it probably is. I don't know if you believe in a God, but I do, I think he did this intentionally because of the unchristian way I acted towards others. I was sick, I was nasty, I was the disgusting one.
I know you fight. I know you're not weak, you're the opposite, you're the strongest kind of person out there.
I am sorry for every look I every shot you. For anything I ever muttered under my breath. For every time I changed seats because of you. For the names I called you in school and for the dance I wouldn't be your date for. You deserved better than me anyways.
I apologize to each and every one of you who has ever been unfortunate enough to cross paths with a volatile prick like me who sought to make your personal private health concerns their business.
As devastating as this has been for me, a 6'2 guy with a deep voice, shoulder length beard and tattoos, I cannot comprehend how difficult and damaging it was for anyone who has to cope with this publicly accepted, encouraged even, abuse, as an innocent defenseless child.
I know now that you are so much more than your weight. I'm the weak one. I'm the wrong one. Now I'm the fat one.

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