16 January, 2017

Tillerson the Realist - Foreign Policy Research Institute

Tillerson the Realist - Foreign Policy Research Institute:

I’d suggest that statement reveals precisely the right balance and sensibility.  And it is striking that figures as diverse as Henry Kissinger, Sam Nunn, Robert Gates, Condi Rice, and George W. Bush now combine in recommending Tillerson for State.
Tillerson looks to bring a welcome steadiness, executive experience, integrity and prudence to the conduct of foreign policy in this new administration.  It’s clear he believes in a strong, active role for the United States overseas, including US alliances, diplomacy, and trade.  He evidently favors negotiation from strength, combined with restored military deterrence to counteract serious competitors such as Iran, China – and Russia.  As he told the assembled senators, specifically in relation to Vladimir Putin: “I’m advocating for responses that will deter and prevent further expansion of a bad actor’s behavior.”  Under the current circumstances, this hard-nosed mentality is exactly what’s needed.
I hope the Senate confirms him.

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