16 January, 2017

coldandpain comments on Trump Calls NATO Obsolete and Dismisses EU in German Interview

coldandpain comments on Trump Calls NATO Obsolete and Dismisses EU in German Interview:

Europe suffered a continentwide trauma during ww2. We were on the brink of loosing to first one dictator, then an other. And it happened a mere 20 years after another great war left us desolate. The war left countries, multiple nations in ruins. We gazed into the abyss. When the americans lent us their support, it was as important morally as it was materially. We forged bonds with american soldiers that came to us, we forged bonds with americans when we were sent to them (American hosted numerous training camps throughout the country for occupied nations' soldiers). We already had a very large population in America from emmigration.

It created an air of thankfullness and loyalty. "They stood by us. If ever they come under assault, we will stand by them". People fell in love with fascinating parts of the american culture. American GI's introduced European children to their first tastes of chocolate, bubble gum and Coca Cola. The result is seen throughout Europe today. We are as close to America as you can get. We often are critical of you, we disagree on many things, but we love you for the same differences, and in so many ways we are the same. There are veteran car clubs, dance clubs and football fan associations that live for american products, culture and history. You permeate so many parts of our culture. Moral values are largely intertwined. We share the same music, movies and even foods.

When you inject all of this into our NATO relationship, and our trade relations, there is a very deep sense of loyalty and partnership. We give american companies preferential treatment, we buy more american weapons for our armies, we trade with you quite frequently even where buying elsewhere would be a better deal. America constantly wins where she should otherwise have lost if the only thing that mattered was lowest price and realpolitik.
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