29 December, 2016

Everything Is (Still) Awesome! - POLITICO Magazine

Everything Is (Still) Awesome! - POLITICO Magazine: "The economy grew at a solid 3.5 percent clip in the third quarter, and is now significantly larger than it was before the Great Recession. The jobless rate is down to 4.6 percent, which almost qualifies as full employment. The stock market and high school graduation rate are at all-time highs, while the uninsured rate, abortion rate and teen pregnancy rate are at all-time lows. Oil imports, crime and health care inflation are also near historic lows, with carbon emissions, foreclosures and illegal immigration falling, too. Meanwhile, retirement assets, auto sales and renewable power have skyrocketed, and the once-teetering Medicare Trust Fund has stabilized. We live in the world’s richest and most powerful nation; we can access most of humanity’s accumulated knowledge on machines we carry in our pockets; and we can now binge-watch better TV shows than ever before."

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