03 November, 2015

Free Speech Not Always 'Unwelcome' on Campus | Jane Swift

Free Speech Not Always 'Unwelcome' on Campus | Jane Swift: "This February, for the ninth year in a row, I will serve as a Distinguished Lecturer in Leadership Studies at Williams, teaching a seminar course called Political Leadership. As a former Republican Governor, my mere presence at Williams should be controversial, at least according to common wisdom. However, not once have I ever felt unwelcome on campus and have found the faculty and administration to be warm, open-minded individuals.

 Even more controversial should be my course, which is non-partisan but has brought some high profile conservative political operatives and media to the college, including--gasp!--a prominent Fox News anchor. However, the college has consistently paid not only my salary but also the travel expenses for these conservative personalities to speak their minds to portions of the student body."

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