15 September, 2015

Irving ISD student detained for invention resembling bomb

Irving ISD student detained for invention resembling bomb: "ccording to Irving police, Ahmed's case contained a digital clock that the student had taken apart and rearranged. Police said the student had the briefcase in his English class, where he plugged it into an electrical outlet and it started to make noise.

Ahmed told WFAA that his English teacher confiscated his case. A few hours later, the student said the principal and school resource officer pulled him out of class and questioned the high school freshman.

Officers said Ahmed was being "passive aggressive" in his answers to their questions, and didn't have a "reasonable answer" as to what he was doing with the case. Investigators said the student told them that it was just a clock that he was messing around with.

Police confiscated the case along with Ahmed's tablet computer.

Officers did not file formal charges against the teenager and released him to his parents."

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