13 September, 2015

How Grown-Ups Deal With 'Microaggressions' - Bloomberg View

How Grown-Ups Deal With 'Microaggressions' - Bloomberg View: "The debate over microaggressions often seems to focus on whether they are real. This is silly. Of course they've always been real; only the label is new. Microaggressions from the majority to the minority are as real as Sunday, and the effect of their accumulated weight is to make you feel always slightly a stranger in a strange land. The phenomenon is dispiriting, even more so because the offenders frequently don't realize that their words were somewhere between awkward and offensive (once again).

On the other hand, in a diverse group, the other thing you have to say about microaggressions is that they are unavoidable. And that a culture that tries to avoid them is setting up to tear itself apart."

[This is a good post for a reminder that I post lots of things I don't necessarily agree with - WLS]

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