08 February, 2015

In which marketing your news brand becomes a "bad thing"

Brian Williams’ Slow Jam - Jack Shafer - POLITICO Magazine:

Today, NBC News confirmed
that it will investigate Williams’ Iraq story, which is more bad news
for the anchor. If he is to survive his lapses (and given my low view of
the broadcast news-readers we call “anchors,” it doesn’t matter to me
whether he stays or goes) he needs to recast himself from the wittiest
and most engaging story-teller in the room and into the hardest-boiled
of TV journalists. If desiring a career as a comedian or an actor, he
should quit the news business and pursue his Hollywood dreams. But if he
chooses journalism, I’d have him strike from his calendar all future
guests spots on entertainment programs.

There’s nothing wrong
with a journalist making a few visits to the late night couches, but the
frequency of Williams’ appearances on entertainment programs indicate
he’s forgotten what business he’s in. Nobody is big enough to slow jam
the news and broadcast the news at the same time.