09 February, 2015

Brian Williams, Retreading Memories From a Perch Too Public - NYTimes.com

Brian Williams, Retreading Memories From a Perch Too Public - NYTimes.com:

the evening news anchor, Mr. Williams possesses a rare combination of
fame and trust, with each feeding off the other. But fame is slippery,
morphing into infamy very quickly, as Mr. Williams discovered in four
days of sustained pounding. Everyone loves a story about seeing the
mighty fall, even if they are as fundamentally likeable as Mr. Williams.
(NBC confirmed that Mr. Williams would not be making a scheduled
appearance on Mr. Letterman’s show this week.)

it turns out, his non-apology was not a safe haven, but a trap door,
and his self-banishment was not a consequence, but a mistake.

don’t know if Mr. Williams will lose his job. I don’t think he should —
his transgressions were not a fundamental part of his primary
responsibilities. But if the executives who run NBC come to believe that
he can’t credibly cover combat or hurricanes, or call a politician on a
lie, they will dismiss him even though there is no plan in place for