17 September, 2014

Why Obama Launched Another War � The Dish

Why Obama Launched Another War � The Dish:

the only way the blight of this modern-medieval bloodlust can be turned back is if the Muslim world does it. If we
do it, it comes back again more potently, fueled by hatred of the
distant empire. If we do it, it gains strength. We may bomb it into some
kind of submission, but it will only come back, like a virus, mutated
and stronger. Why on earth do you think we are confronting ISIS anyway?
It’s because we destroyed the country of Iraq, allowed al Qaeda a
foothold, and ISIS exploited the shift to Shiite power in Iraq by
becoming al Qaeda’s more brutal successor.

In fact, by intervening, we make a possible regional resolution of
these centrifugal forces less likely. By meddling, we could postpone a
potential resolution of this long, difficult struggle as the Arab Muslim
world tries to come to terms with the modern world. We are actually
forestalling a possible Arab future by conflating it with a fight
against American intervention.