09 September, 2014

Jeff Mizanskey Is Serving Life in Prison for Marijuana - Reason.com

Jeff Mizanskey Is Serving Life in Prison for Marijuana - Reason.com:

Strike one came in 1984 when Jeff sold an ounce of marijuana to
a close relative, who at some point gave or sold it to an
undercover police officer. The relative told police where he got it
in exchange for leniency, and his testimony was enough to get a
search warrant of Jeff's home. The half-pound of pot found during
the search landed him with his first felony conviction and five
years probation.

Strike two came in 1991. Police again received information from
an informant that was sufficient to obtain a search warrant of
Jeff's home. This time, they found less than three ounces of
cannabis, but it was still more than the one and a quarter ounces
needed to trigger a felony charge. Unable to afford the legal fees
necessary to fight the charge in court, he pleaded guilty for the
second time.

Just two years later, Jeff gave a friend a ride to a motel. The
friend was there to buy a few pounds of pot from a supplier, who
was once again working with the police and had helped them set up a
sting operation. Jeff accompanied his friend into the motel room
and allegedly handled a package of marijuana during the
transaction. He was arrested with what would end up being his third
strike as they left the parking lot. Jeff has been in a cell at the
maximum security Jefferson City Correctional Center (JCCC) ever
since, nearly 21 years and counting.