08 March, 2014

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In Sevastopol, the Russian soldiers stormed the Ukrainian military unit A2355.

This was reported by the news agency " Interfax-Ukraine "duty of the assistant.

He said the Russian military army "KAMAZ" struck the gate of a military
unit, captured near building and break out to the command post.

Part of the territory located about 100 Ukrainian military strength is unknown assailants.

In turn, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine told that out of about 20
people stormed the tactical command post of the "region" of the Air
Forces of Ukraine.
Among the group of attackers - "Cossacks" and local radicals with bits that throw grenades svitloshumovi.

According to the information, now commander and political instructor
came out of the command post and conduct negotiations with the
Members of the military unit barricaded himself in one of the barracks.