06 March, 2014

1914, 2014, And Putin � The Dish

1914, 2014, And Putin � The Dish:

I am really struck this morning with the difference between 381px-Russian_Troops_NGM-v31-p379US
and German newspapers in their handling of the situation in Ukraine.
The reporting of the facts is the same, essentially. But the editorial
voice couldn’t be more distinct. Echoing through the German papers is an
admonition, during the centennial of the beginning of the Great War, to
be mindful of the conditions that led to its launch: hysteria, rabid
nationalism, thoughts of the pride and glory of great nations, elements
of personal vanity, militarism. These are forces that have historically
led to great misery for humanity and that have clouded the history of
Europe. They are all also things that can be found in some measure in
the current controversy.