08 May, 2018

Being a Teacher Really Sucked – Rhi Hates Everything

Being a Teacher Really Sucked – Rhi Hates Everything:

It’s truly horrifying to see it happening at the very beginning. To children. Children told everyday that their worth is measured in their willingness to stay silent, walk on the right tile, and fold their hands neatly on their desk. Who are denied the time to access the history of themselves and their country just to make room for more testing – even with extended day programs in place! Who hate coming to school because they are constantly being told they are inadequate, yet have to come to school because it is where they get their food.
Good teachers – and every teacher I knew was a goodhearted teacher – know that every child has an innate love of learning. Every child has things they wonder about. Just take them somewhere new, or even the grocery store, and listen to the questions fly out of their mouths. It is a broken system that insists learning is sitting still, shutting up, and listening to a set list of information. Ask any teacher what makes their job so difficult, and the answer will in some way be “I am told how to teach by people who don’t even know what teaching is -” whether that’s administrators who have never been in a classroom, politicians, or idiots on social media. 

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