11 May, 2017

James Comey’s Conspicuous Independence - The New Yorker

James Comey’s Conspicuous Independence - The New Yorker: "At this point, Comey and his deputies were venturing far beyond their typical purview as criminal investigators. Under normal circumstances, department policies discouraged public discussion of developments in ongoing cases of any kind; with the election fast approaching, there was the added sensitivity of avoiding even the perception of interference with the political process. But F.B.I. officials worried that agents in New York who disliked Clinton would leak news of the e-mails’ existence. Like nearly everyone in Washington, senior F.B.I. officials assumed that Clinton would win the election, and were evaluating their options with that in mind. The prospect of oversight hearings, led by restive Republicans investigating an F.B.I. “coverup,” made everyone uneasy.


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