31 March, 2017

A Personal Story » Community | GovLoop

A Personal Story » Community | GovLoop:

I started my career as a field biologist. For a long time I wanted to live in the rural West where I grew up, but jobs were scarce. I switched to writing when my son was born so I could spend more time at home. I have freelanced, operated the scoreboard at a local minor league baseball club, and waitressed. I worked for a state university and two different federal agencies: the DOI Fish and Wildlife Service, and (my current employer) the USDA Forest Service.
I love the mission of my agency: caring for the land and serving people. Public lands are our birthright, a national treasure, and rightfully the envy of many other countries.
I don’t know if this challenges the perceptions of the “typical” government worker, because I am just a real person. Completely ordinary, just like you. I work for the federal government and I care a lot about what I do. I am not a bureaucrat.

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