02 July, 2016

Trail Recovery - Drone Recovery

Trail Recovery - Drone Recovery:

I admit, I have no background – politically, economically, geographically – on why these trails are in the shape they are. I have no idea whether this is isolated to Oregon, or if this is something that is more widespread. However I can’t help but feel that the lack of maintenance – and usage – is a symptom of a larger illness in our country. Is it because we don’t care about this wildnerness anymore? Is it because the Internet has shifted our focus? Is there not enough money? Are people simply not interested in hiking into the woods?
The kid has responded positively to clearing these trails, and I am certain there are other kids out there with similar issues who would respond in a similar way to the task of clearing and repairing – “recovery.” There are lots of opportunities here to re-invest in the land and in the youth. We have done it before. Why wouldn’t we do it again?

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