19 March, 2016

Men's Journal Magazine - Men's Style, Travel, Fitness and Gear

Men's Journal Magazine - Men's Style, Travel, Fitness and Gear: "Today Matthews and I are playing a foreign surveillance team keeping eyes on Suzanne, a CIA officer. We follow from a distance as she drifts in and out of stores, browsing merchandise. Matthews explains how she's keeping tabs on us with her peripheral vision instead of using amateur tricks like reflections in windows or pretending to tie her shoes — both giveaways that she's "surveillance conscious" and thus possibly operational. We trail her for about 45 minutes, using tourists to screen ourselves while we scan the crowd for her blue sweater. Nothing she does ever seems fishy, but when we meet up afterward, it turns out she made a dead drop in a cactus planter, retrieved a package from a flower bed, and left three signals for agents, including Vaseline on an escalator handrail and Scotch tape on the door to Saks. "So those are just some examples of different ways things can be done," Suzanne says over lunch at Tommy Bahama. "But in real life you'd only do one of them, and it would take a month of planning."


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