04 January, 2015

The One Night | Sondry

The One Night | Sondry: We fought off wave after wave of Viet Cong who wanted to skin us alive. It got quite, and next thing I know, a grenade had landed in between the two us. He shoved me out of the foxhole and laid down.

The ringing in my ears was deafening. I crawled back into the pit to find Norman, he wasn't there anymore. Not only that, but our squad had bounded forward, and I was alone, in a dense jungle thousands miles from home. I looked over to my right, and Norman's decapitated head lay in the grass, hardly recognizable. I grabbed it and put it into my lap and sobbed. I was alone in that hole for the next 15 hours. Norman's head soaked my pants in his blood. The next patrol found me the day after. I hadn't
The One Night -
moved, I didn't want to.