20 January, 2015

Cheerleaders For Christ - Adult Mag

Cheerleaders For Christ - Adult Mag: It’s hard to turn off a mode of being that leads people who won’t take you seriously to nevertheless treat you pretty well. In the South the line between sexualized condescension, good manners, and honest charm is blurry⎯⎯if it exists at all. Those blurred lines, I’ll admit, made me comfortable. In college I wore short skirts when I waitressed and walked up to tables with a big game-day smile. This past summer I went to a wedding where there was a doll-like array of women and none of the guys knew what any of them did. A drawling groomsman approved of the bride: “She gets along with the wives real well.” The boys agreed and took tequila shots. The girls blinked, sipped their clear cocktails, put their sparkling hands on the backs of their rough and sweaty guys.